C&A Motorcycle Training




The enhanced rider scheme is for fully licensed motorcyclists who have passed their test. Specifically if you:


  1. have just passed your test and want to improve your skills under professional guidance;
  2. are returning to riding after a period of absence;
  3. are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle;
  4. want a 'un-bias and professional opinion' on your riding; or
  5. want to develop your skills thus making riding more enjoyable.


What the enhanced rider scheme involves

  • A lengthy assessment ride to find out your strengths and weaknesses.  You will ride in different road and traffic conditions to enable you to  demonstrate your skills, and during which time your Instructor will make an accurate assessment of your needs. 
  • Your Instructor will tailor training to help you be amongst the best and most competent of motorcyclists.

If your skills are of the 'requisite standard', and you do not require further training, the process ends there.  You will get a 'DSA Certificate of Competence'. 


If you do require further training, you will get your own personalised plan for sharpening your skills. The plan will focus on the areas that will help you get more out of your riding.  The training is not a 'one size fits all' approach - it is very much personalised to the individual.


Most motorcycle insurance companies give discounts to riders who have the Certificate.