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Learner motorbike


This is the starting point for all trainee motorcyclists and is normally a days training. The first part of the CBT is conducted on an off road manoeuvring area where you will ride the machine until competent. This part of the training incorporates all of the basic riding skills, i.e. use of the controls, moving away, slow riding, changing gear, turning left and right etc.. You will then ride the machine on the road for at least two hours. During the road ride your Instructor, with whom you will be in radio contact, will accompany you, giving you both directions and tuition. The training will end when you are able to ride the machine, on the road, on your own, safely. After completing the CBT you will then be allowed to ride a machine on your own, on the road with 'L' plates for up to two years.

Also available, is a three hour taster session, which gives you a feel for riding a bike prior to a CBT course. On this course, you are given a quick overview of the CBT elements, and will then spend time on the training pad gaining valuable experience in a controlled environment. More…


License Type

Learner bike


1. Large motorcycle any power, any size. Licence name = (A)

To get this licence you will need to be 24 years of age or older, or have been in possesion of an A2 licence for at least two years. We will take you through your CBT on a 125 and instruct you on the finer points needed to pass Module 1 and Module 2. A motorcycle theory test is needed for you to be able to sit the final tests but not needed for the training.

On passing - you can ride any motorcycle, any power, no restrictions.


2. Medium power motorcycle up to 46Bhp. Licence name = (A2)

The minimum age to train and pass is19 years of age or older. Again, you will need a motorcycle theory test for you to be able to sit the final tests but not needed for the training.

On passing - you can ride any motorcycle up to 46Bhp

You can buy many bikes that produce up to 46Bhp, such as the Honda NC700 . You can also restrict any motorcycle to 46Bhp, so long as the original power output was not over 92Bhp. Its really easy to get a bike restricted and a good motorcycle shop will be able to help.


There is no automatic upgrades of licence - if you wish to move up to a full (A) licence you will need to retake the module 1 and 2 tests on an unrestricted 600cc bike when you have reached 24 years of age or held the A2 licence for 2 years.


Other licences

A1 - aged 17 years plus you may take your test on a 125cc bike. You will be limited to just 125cc but will be able to take off your L plates and carry a passenger. There is no automatic upgrade after 2 years as there was before Jan 19th 2013.

AM - Aged 16 years plus you may take a full moped test - you can ride up to 49cc moped with no L plates and carry a pillion passenger You will also be allowed to drive a light quadracycle car - 5Bhp - limited to 28 Mph.


das / A2 (direct access scheme) 24 years and over test training

motorbike - DAS


After passing your CBT you will then undertake approximately 5 six-hour sessions on a larger 600cc machine to bring you up to test standard. This training is normally conducted covering some test routes. Remember, we are training you to ride a motorcycle safely, not just pass a test! During the final session you will undertake your practical test. Once you have passed this test you will then immediately be able to ride any size motorcycle, unless you have taken your test for A2 in which case you can ride any machine up to 47bhp. More…


theory test

motorbike theory test


Prior to your final practical riding test you will have to have passed a Theory and Hazard Perception test.


ERS - Enhanced rider scheme

motorbike - enhanced rider scheme


For the experienced rider, the ability to keep motorcycle riding skills and safety up to date.  A two hour assessment, with subsequent training sessions according to ability and  requirement. More…